Complete dentures are a removable solution providing full arches of replacement teeth for those who have lost most if not all their natural teeth.

If you decide to choose complete dentures, your dentist will take an impression of your teeth and gums and send it away to have a temporary denture made for you.

At your first fitting appointment, they will extract any remaining natural teeth under a local anaesthetic and fit your temporary denture.

If you have been missing all your teeth for some time, you may be able to skip ahead to the final fitting of a permanent denture. If you have had teeth extracted, your denture will probably need to be relined or remade after a few months because your gums change shape as they heal.

We also offer partial dentures, which are a great option for replacing a smaller number of teeth, even in different areas of the mouth.

A partial denture is a gum-coloured acrylic plate with the necessary prosthetic teeth attached to it. It clips into place via a metal clasp that attaches to a few of your remaining natural teeth.

Whether you have a partial or complete denture, you will need to remove them for regular cleaning and disinfecting with a specialist denture cleaning solution.

If you have many missing teeth, talk to us about dentures. Call Smile Gallery on 01342 321 094 or click here to book an appointment.

Why choose the Smile Gallery

The Smile Gallery is a modern dental clinic with your comfort and satisfaction at its heart from the initial greeting through to the completion of your successful treatment.

We understand that your dental health and appearance are both important to you, so we provide an extensive range of treatments to meet your every need.

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Finance Options

All Smile Plan members will receive 20% off all fees* listed. Under the benefits of the plan you will also get the following appointments FREE!

Finance is available at the practice with 0% finance upto 12 months or interesting bearing for up to 5 years!

This could make your treatment very affordable!

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If you want to begin your journey to a perfect smile, call The Smile Gallery on 01342 321 094 or click here to book an appointment
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