A chemical peel is the most effective way to uncover fresh skin. We offer a variety of effective chemical peels of varying degrees of strengths. This includes:


Profhilo injectable treatments are the very first BDDE-free injectable of their kind and truly defy definition. A revolutionary skincare product, Profhilo is a stabilised hyaluronic acid treatment that hydrates the skin and stimulates the natural production of collagen, resulting in increased firmness and elasticity and a youthful glow.

Unlike dermal fillers, which utilise chemical cross-linking agents, Profhilo injections can be used to treat laxity found in the more delicate areas of the cheeks, neck, chest and, décolletage.

These areas are particularly prone to the effects of ageing but are more challenging to treat because of their delicate nature. Profhilo can be used in these areas to tighten and lift the skin, visibly reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and lending youthful plumpness to the area.

More than just a wrinkle correction treatment, Profhilo injections also enhance the skin’s radiance and hydration by stimulating the production of 4 different types of collagen and elastin in the skin. These properties make Profhilo completely transcendent of the boundary between dermal filler and skin care treatments.

Unlike standard dermal fillers, Profhilo treatment produces results by stimulating the production of restorative agents by your own body, and results can be seen after this process has begun to take place within a few days.

Profhilo is a continually restorative treatment, meaning that results will continue to improve over time and with additional treatment as your skin produces more and more collagen.

The noticeable boost of radiance to your skin is unparallelled by any superficial cream, scrub, or serum and your skin will appear hydrated, rested, and revitalised in as little as two appointments per year.

Used in combination with other facial aesthetic treatments, Profhilo injections can be a valuable part of your facial aesthetic treatment profile to realise your aesthetic goals.

To take advantage of the naturally restorative benefits of Profhilo treatment and set up a consultation with the clinicians at The Smile Gallery, contact us today on 01342 321 094 or click here to book an appointment.



The Obagi range is a powerful chemical peel solution for patients with discoloured, uneven, or dull skin. With a portfolio of more than 60 products available, Obagi is either used in professional-led treatments or at home with a maintenance programme. With a track history of amazing transformations, contact us on on 01342 321 094 or click here to book an appointment to discover if Obagi is right for you.

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